Ghee / ग़्ही (Telugu Video)

Procedure to prepare Clarified Butter (Ghee) at home

Boil Milk in low flame till a thick layer of cream is formed. Take the cream layer into a container and keep in refrigerator. Collect the cream in this way for a week in same container and store in fridge. After a week, take out the collected cream from fridge, heat to lukewarm temperature, add a spoon of curd, and leave it overnight. Next morning, a thick cream curd can be seen formed. Add water with quantity 2 times of same container, and churn till the butter is formed.

Collect the butter into a thick bottomed container and heat in low flame. Keep stirring in between and heat till clarified butter is formed. To test if the process is done, just sprinkle little water to the boiling butter, to hear the crackling sound. With the aroma also it can be known that the clarified butter (ghee) is formed. Store the clarified butter in a clean container and enjoy using in cooking and eating purpose.

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